The festival opens at 10.00 am and closes at 5.00pm both days.  Overall the program for all stages is the same both days. 

The competitions throughout the festival are open to anyone over 18.  Contestants must register at the drinks stand prior to the start of each competition. 

Captain Chilli has three heats (two on Saturday and one on Sunday) and the final is on Sunday afternoon.  Final three in each heat will go through to the final - free entry for the Sunday for Saturday winners.

Shot n Holler requires contestants to skull a shot of tequila with a shot of super hot sauce and then 'Holler'.  Audience will vote by applause for the best holler.

The Stinger wing eating race is a wing eating race in the same style as the classic food races of USA but with the addition of a numbing hot chilli sauce.

2022 Program 
Festival opens at 10.00am each day

Stage 1: LAYBACK  MC: James Stephenson
Start Artist Topic
11.00 Sat & Sun: Tom C-D Layback covers
  Tom will be there until 4.30  
Stage 2: COMPETITIONS MC: Russ Kellet
Start Competition Who/what
11:00  Stinger Wing Challenge Little Brixton Sauce/wing eating race
11:30 Captain Chill heat one Renaissance Herbs/Hot chilli eating
12:00 Shot n Holler Romantic Nursery/Chilli+Tequila shots
13:00 Wrestling Exhibition Lucha Fantastica/Mexican Wrestlers
14:00 Stinger Wing Challenge Littlre Brixton Sauce/wing eating race
14:30 Shot n Holler Romantic Nursery/Chilli+Tequila shots
15:30 Captain Chill heat two Renaissance Herbs/Hot chilli eating
Stage 3: COOKING MC: Dani Venn
Start Chef Topic
 Various chefs showing off
Start Entertainer Style
11:15 Inka Marka Andean flute folk music
12:00 Garry and John Contemporary music
12:45 Psycho Zydeco New Orleans Street music
14:15 Inka Marka Andean flute folk music
15:00 Psycho Zydeco New Orleans Street music