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Past Festivals


2016 was another great festival.  

On the Friday we had some real rain (40mm in the afternoon and a further 40mm overnight) which made Saturday a bit wet and muddy! However the Wandin mud is good stuff and by lunchtime we were drying out. The weather played havoc with parking as much of the carpark was unusable. Numbers were down on the Saturday, but well up on Sunday when we enjoyed some beautiful autumn weather. Over 5000 attended over the two days and everyone had a great time. There were a number of new stalls and ten who returned for their fifth consecutive year.  

The kids had fun onthe free rides in the KidZone. Hot Sauce Alley was a real hit with many new sauces, relishs and rubs being released at the festival. The Hellfire Wing Challenge was popular with lots of victims trying their mouths and luck on some very hot wings.  The Food Court offered plenty of yummy mouthwatering treats, while the Hot Chilli Ice-cream and World's Hottest Dim Sims blew a few heads off!

The Cooking Stage, managed by festival Chef Dani Venn was well attended. Several presenters gave easy to follow recipes and tips on how to spice up our cooking. On top of this visitors were treated to fabulous music and dance displays. Overall fantastic food, great music, hot chillis and a good time was had by all!

Visit our website regularly to keep up to date for 2017 Festival - March 18th and 19th

Congratulations to all our winners:

Hot Sauce                         Melbourne Hot Sauce

Best Condiment                 Little Brixton

Chilli Cook-off                    1st Chilli Chilli Bang Bang  (Team Red Sun)

                                         2nd Tims IPA Chilli (Team Red Sat)

                                         People's Choice Saturday LA Freeway (Team Yellow Sat)

                                                                 Sunday Tasty Mace (Team Black Sun



Wow, what a great festival!

Over 5000 attendees came and tasted amazing food, sampled spicy sauces, watched fantastic entertainment and learned a little about cooking with herbs and chillis.  Better Homes and Gardens spent Saturday filming and the episode is due to air in June.  

This year Hot Sauce Alley started with some of Australia's best hot sauce producers.  The world's Hottest Ice Cream had a stand that tempted a lot of people.  

Twisted Pepper did their Hell Fire Wing challenge, which pushed the limits for a number of game people.

Another yummy weekend of food, wine and music.  See you there in 2016 - 19 and 20 March

Well done to the various winners:

Hot Sauce                         Melbourne Hot Sauce

Best Condiment                Blossoms Organics

Chilli Cook-off                    1st   (Team Red Sun)

                                         2nd  Drews Chilli Feast(Team Yellow)